Recently completed: A total refurbishment of an existing corner shop building known as 168 High Street in Dudley.

It was originally owned by local retailer ‘Preedy’s’. The refurbished building is now a ground floor retail unit with first and second floor student accommodation containing 6 bedrooms. The works were part funded by Dudley MBC utilising ‘Townscape Heritage Initiative’ funding

The main building dates from Victorian period but there is an older Georgian property hiding underneath. Underneath that there is also some evidence of a much earlier stone building (1650’s?). The older existing shop-front dates from the 1920’s. Photographic evidence was used to refurbishment the shop front and return it to 1920’s style including moving the door back to the corner.

The works also included the following: New lime render, rebuilt and refurbished roof structure, new natural slate roof finish with cast iron rainwater goods, new sash windows with ‘Slimlite’ double glazing based on original type (corded and weights), major structural repairs, insulation (internal walls and roof) and rewired.