Sad to say that last week John Phillips, the founding partner of PCPT, passed away at the age of 87.

John had started the practice of John Phillips and Associates when he was just 26 and in the next few years he was joined by Derek Cutler, his brother Michael and Peter Troy. The practice expanded from Wolverhampton to West Bromwich to have offices in Newcastle, Manchester and the south east and John ran the practice with a light heart and his cherry greeting ‘Hello Matey’ came with a dazzling gaze, charm that won everyone over, and then his trademark pirouette, a wave – ‘Ta-ra Matey’ and he moved on.

John was energetic and enthused staff and clients on the AZ of life – at least from architecture to supporting West Bromwich Albion. A game of cricket with a rubber band ball in the office was not unusual and that evidenced itself on the field – he was the only person I have ever seen take a bowled hat-trick but he would then retire to the boundary, turn his back, adopt his usual flamingo stance, chat to a colleague; ‘Catch it John’ would be met with ‘who?… me! …. Blimey!’

A lovely man, sadly missed and just the right person to introduce me to the the world of commercial architecture and running a practice that had an emphasis in design quality. PCPT won a series of awards with John at the helm. Pinning John down though was hard. He was long times on the phone, guffawing with expostulations such as ‘really’ or ‘oh crickey!’ and when off the phone it was hard to get in his office where desks were for filing, chairs were in-trays and floors for sitting on. ‘Let’s go to the conference room’ he suggested … but then the phone would go!

John’s funeral is on Friday 3rd September at 11am at St Peter’s Church Little Aston, then Aston Woods Golf Club.

David Mahony.